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Finding Emotional Freedom

Emotional freedom is our birthright, but most of us don't know how to find it. This book provides a path.

Finding Emotional Freedom can help you if—

  • Your childhood was marked by abandonment, neglect, or abuse.
  • You feel emotionally stuck or controlled by fear.
  • You feel as if you're living a lie.
  • Treatment programs, self-help books, or support groups haven't helped you create the life you want.
  • You keep repeating negative, codependent patterns in your relationships and other areas of your life.
  • You want to live a happy life, but you don't know how.
Our brains, trying to protect us from emotional pain, hide our true selves and wall us off from our authentic feelings. Deep therapy that accesses both the mind and the heart can help us recover from emotional trauma and create lasting change.

Finding Emotional Freedom is not a self-help book, but a guidebook to the process and the possibilities. It tells you how and where to seek help to access the truth that will restore your emotional voice and set you free.

Dave Jetson, MS, is trained in intuitive experiential therapy, which accesses both the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain. In this book, he combines current brain research with his years of experience to offer a compelling method of deep recovery and transformation.

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