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Throughout life, there are certain times when an individual may want to express their feelings to an experienced mental health professional. By doing so, they receive assistance in navigating these feelings that can otherwise have a negative effect if not addressed.

At Jetson Counseling, individuals receive attentive counseling in multiple areas. These include marriage counseling, financial counseling and financial recovery programs, individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling. Topics that people tend to frequently explore include relationship issues, codependency, communication, blaming, critical thinking and judgment, anger, depression, anxiety, body memories, trans-generational patterns, negative thinking patterns, rejection, fear, phobias, being heard, getting any emotional voice, loneliness, abandonment, rejection, all forms of trauma and abuse, different psychological patterns and disorders, money issues, what money represents, thoughts and feelings around money, triggers, trust and safety.

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Setting True Boundaries

SETTING TRUE BOUNDARIES How to Create Respect, Safety and Freedom in Relationships by Dave Jetson Do you feel like people don’t respect you? Maybe they ignore what you want or just take advantage of you. When that happens, life doesn’t seem fair. But a sense of fairness can exist between you and everyone in your …

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Big News!

In this season of change, my wife Liz and I are excited to announce a big change for both Jetson Counseling and Thorn Counseling; we’ve moved! We’re still in Rapid City, of course, and very excited about the change. Our new location at 1301 West Omaha Street Suite 220 (between Office Depot and Pancheros on …

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Equine Workshop – Feb. 1

Horses are special animals in many ways. Horses are truth tellers with participants and help them better see and understand themselves. This workshop will:   Explore first impressions we create and may not be aware of them   Explore emotional patterns that limits our interactions with others   Help us see the part we hide from ourselves only …

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